Страница перенаправления на http://translate.google.ru/?hl=ru&tab=TT#auto|ru|As you might have noticed the mumble public server list is currently unavailable. Around 16:00 CET this saturday the box serving mumble.info, this includes our blog and the public server list, became unresponsive. Remote diagnostics reports a dual disc failure as well as an backup battery failure in the servers raid-5. Efforts to try to remotely recover the server showed that the drives themselves are probably intact while the server itself is unstable at hardware level. At this point we believe we will have to rely on remote hands to recover the data and to repair or even replace the server. Unfortunately our read-only cache we usually could fail over to is currently not available either. So what does this mean? It will probably take us some time to get our services back online. Until this time neither our blog nor the public server list will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Your Mumble team Edit : Ok j'ai résolu en éditant le fichier /etc/php5/conf.d/MurmurPHP.ini et en remplaçant la ligne ice.slice=/usr/share/slice/Murmur.ice par ice.slice=-I/usr/share/Ice-3.3.1/slice /usr/share/slice/Murmur.ice Merci beaucoup pour m'avoir mis sur la voie Amarokk !
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